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Tanalised timber is timber that has been pressure impregnated with the very latest TANALITH wood preservative from Lonza, our timber protection partners since 2002. TANALISED timber has the ultimate long term protection against wood decay and insect attack, wherever the timber is to be used.

Our TANALISED timbers are designed for use in the most extreme of environments, including permanent exterior use and even in ground or fresh water contact.
The high pressure treatment process drives the TANALITH preservative deep into the timber where it becomes locked into the timber cells and protects against all forms of wood decay and insect attack.

The freshly treated timbers have an initial pale green colouration, which weathers to a warm honey brown and eventually to a silver grey. This change in colour does not mean the level of preservative protection diminishes. The protection is there for the desired service life of the component.

Clifford Jones has 2 on-site treatment vessels treating all our softwood in accordance to BS8417 standard to Use Class 4 for direct ground or fresh water contact applications. Prior to treatment the timbers are dried down to the optimum moisture level in one of three kilns powered by our biomass wood chip boiler.

Service Life

TANALITH wood preservative has years of proven performance around the world in providing the very best protection for timber. Its latest unique formulation has been extensively tested in the field and proven in practice and now comes with added BARamine application technology.

This new and patented technology gives an even wider, more robust and durable protection against wood decay as well as allowing a deeper and more effective preservative penetration into the timber.

All Clifford Jones and Hunter Wilson preservative treated timbers are protected to Use Class 4 (Use Classes are defined in BS EN335-1) with a desired service life of 15 to 25 years, depending on the end product. The desired service life does not provide guarantee of performance, but is merely an indication of the expectation against which the recommendations for the timber treatment are drawn up, assuming good design and normal conditions of use.

Any machining, such as scalloping or drilling, required for Clifford Jones timber posts is carried out before pressure treatment, ensuring a robust preservative protection to all areas of the timber.