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Sawn Timbers

Sleeper Range

  • Our sawn timber sleepers are manufactured from excellent quality treated softwood. Our sleeper dimensions are 2.4m long x 200mm x 100mm.
  • Wooden garden sleepers can be used for a variety of outdoor landscaping projects. Raised beds, garden borders and lawn edging are a few simple but effective uses for sleepers in the garden. They can also be used for more advanced projects including retaining walls, landscape steps and other hard landscaping works.

Manufacturing Process

  • Stage 1: Raw timber arrives on site and is stored until required.
  • Stage 2: Timbers are sawn into the required size and stacked square to ensure safe transportation.
  • Stage 3: Posts are incised at ground level to ensure consistent and deeper penetration of wood preservative into the targeted analytical zone where the post is at most risk of decay.
  • Stage 4: Timbers are kiln dried using our state of the art biomass powered kilns, the timber is dried down to 40% moisture.
  • Stage 5: The timbers are loaded into our pressure treatment tanks and Tanalith E9000 wood preservative is forced under high pressure into the sapwood.
  • Stage 6: The sawn timbers are ready to be despatched to awaiting customers using Clifford Jones Timber fleet or one of our key haulage partners.

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The PLATINUM fencing range from Clifford Jones Timber offers high performance square sawn ground contact fence and gate posts with a choice of 15 and 25 year performance warranty.

PLATINUM High performance Square Sawn Posts

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