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Landscaping logs from Clifford Jones Timber are ideal for use as retaining walls in domestic gardens and public areas.

PLATINUM RETAINING 15 landscaping logs are manufactured from quality SPRUCE timbers, have a machined round finish and are supplied with a chamfered and square bottom as standard.

They are pressure treated with next generation TANALITH wood preservative incorporating award winning BARamine technologies and treated to Use Class 4 (ground contact) specification with a desired service life of 15 years.

They are available in a variety of diameters and lengths but if you prefer a different finish or size then please contact us directly for a quote.

Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes

If you choose to build a retaining wall – which is any structure that holds or retains soil behind it – there are certain guidelines you must follow so that the wall is safe and fit for purpose.

Read more about our guidelines from our Retaining Walls PDF:

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