Hunter Wilson has been using Tanlaith “E” treatment since 2002 and had developed a strong working relationship with Arch Chemicals, so when Clifford Jones Timber purchased the it was decided to standardise the two sites onto one chemical and continue the partnership.

In 2012 Arch Chemicals became part of the Worldwide Group Lonza and introduced the new next generation Tanalith Wood Preserve, TANALITH™ E 8000 with added BARamine™ technology.

With our on-site tanks at both Hunter Wilson & Clifford Jones we able to pressure treat our own timbers. In processing all our softwood timbers we add the latest environmentally advanced preservation protection, to meet BS8417 to give you every confidence that your products will have a long and low maintenance service life.

All our timbers are treated with the next generation Tanalith “E8000 with added BARamine™ technology.” All to user class 4 (UC4) and will protect against all forms of wood decay and insect attack.

This treatment will look in harmony with your environment, due to its pale green colour; it will be in keeping with every setting.

Service Life

Tanalith E wood preservative, a unique combination of copper and organic biocide ingredients, now has over 20 years of proven performance around the world in providing the very best protection for timber. Its unique formulation has been extensively tested in the field and proven in practice. TANALITH™ E 8000 comes with all the benefits and backbone of our tried and tested product but now with added BARamine™ technology.

All Hunter Wilson & Clifford Jones timbers are treated to UC4 (User classes are defined in BS EN335-1) Desired Service Life as stated by Lonza Chemicals.

“The desired service life does not provide guarantee of performance, but is merely and indication of the expectation against which the recommendations for the timber treatment are drawn up, assuming good design and normal conditions of use.”

Hunter Wilson’s commitment to its customers:

Hunter Wilson & Clifford Jones timber posts have a desired service life in compliance with Lonza’s user class criteria, against the failure of the timber from fungal decay or insect attack. Any machining we complete such as scalloping or drilling are carried out prior to the pole being put through the pressure treatment tanks.

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Terms and Conditions

We will re-supply, subject to proven investigation that the failure is from fungal or insect attack, any timbers which fail within this time. Proof of purchase must be available at the time of the claim. We will not cover and costs incurred for the removal or reinstatement of the posts or any other consequential costs incurred due to the failure of any component.


  • Should any of the pressure treated posts, this includes play-ground timber, supplied by CJ Timber or Hunter Wilson be cross cut, notched or bored during installation, then exposed surfaces are to be liberally brushed with Ensele Wood preservative in accordance to the directions on the product label.
  • Fence posts must not be pointed after being pressure treated.
  • Cutting posts down should be avoided. If they are shortened then under no circumstances should the cut end come in direct contact with the ground even after applying ENSELE.
*Posts which have been removed from their original installation and re-instated will not be covered.


Any CJ or HW timber products taken outside the European Markets.